Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finding Optimism.

Despite the fact that I studied my butt off for hours, surrounded by crowds of talkers with no volume-control in Flying Star, I missed the mark. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I studied this semester...and for what? To come up 4 points short of an "A". I should be happy, right? No, it HURTS. I would feel better if I slacked all semester, because honestly, I probably still would have got a B. At least I racked up my "Frequent Flyer" point which puts me that much closer to a free dessert-take that, you  90 percent. Big, fat WIN.

On another note, Aiden's last soccer game of the season was Saturday, and his team officially ended the season...defeated. Yeah, that's right...I'm talkin' zero wins. But, to continue with my optimistically-ending paragraphs, I will just say that we really had so much fun watching them play and learn a little bit about what it means to be on a team.

 Mother's Day is 5 days away, and not only does that mean the one-year anniversary of my bloggy, it means I get any darn thing I want. (Ok, not anything.) And this year, that would be a BRAND NEW...kitchen sink. What?
Yeah, that's right, I want a sink. Nothing says, "Happy Mother's Day, mom, I love you," like "Here's a new sink, now get to scrubbin'."

Here's my sink now:
  Like the corroded, golden drains and dollar store-esqe faucet? If you look reeeally closely, (ok, you don't even have to look that close), you can see creatures living in the sprayer. And when I'm spraying with it, I can't help but wonder what kinds of extra-special treats are really getting sprayed onto the dishes.
Now I have to get Chase on board with not wanting a $49.99 special shiny brassy faucet.

And to end this post a lot happier than it started, here is something I ordered for myself online, and I am in lurve.
And another thing I ordered online from sweet friend, (you can find these sweet dresses at her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/adorablysimple)

And, some end of the post self-portaiture, along with some little cuties.

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