Saturday, May 8, 2010

The roller coaster ride.

Mother's Day six years ago is the day I got the two pink lines on my pregnancy test. Six years ago, on Mother's Day, although I had no idea what it meant to "be" a mother, I became a mother. I didn't know you, and I definitely had no idea what kind of loop I was about to be taken on. This ride, this crazy, wild ride that I was about to get on was like the biggest, scariest roller coaster at Six Flags. The anticipation of getting on the ride was horrifying, yet invigorating, and I dug deep, real deep for that bit of courage that I knew I had in there way in the inside. Then, I strapped in and held on tight. The ride launched me so fast and I couldn't control the turns.
    This particular ride is now my favorite ride. The loops and swoops have me laughing and smiling uncontrollably, feeling so alive, and so envigorated but the steep drops have me scared. And oh, the speed-how I wish I can slow the ride down,  but I can't. It's out of my control, and it goes so very, very fast.  And although this ride is leaving me battered and beaten, crazed, and terrified, I don't wanna get off. This is the best ride I have ever been on. This ride has brought out the unmustered, dusty, barricaded courage and strength that only a mother harbors inside of her. And the joy, laughter and love of the ride, oh, the joy, laughter, and love-it's unmatchable. Untouchable. Unimaginable.

 Being your mom defines me. Thank you for helping me become who I am- I owe it all to you. All three of you...all thirty fingers and thirty toes of you, all 6 blue eyes and loving arms to hold my neck of you. I love you so much, Aiden, Addison, and Aila. Thank you for this roller coaster ride. I never wanna get off.

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