Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Grand Scheme.

Today was a "grand scheme of things" kind of day. I don't have those very often, but when I do- whoa, are they great.

 If I could sum up my life as of lately in one day-it would be today. Nothing special happened. I guess that's the point. I cleaned the house like a mad, crazed woman, and to my satisfaction it stayed clean for about 2 hours or so (score!) and when Chase woke up we all sat together at the table and enjoyed eachother's company. Aiden alternated watching Rookie of the Year, and then doing that thing where you pause it to run outside and reenact the awesome scenes, unpause, and repeat, over and over-(which is a daily occurence).

After that, we went to the grocery store, and then home, where we sat around the table and just took eachother's company in. I loved every minute of today. (Ok, not the minute where the entire store was staring at us because Aila was screaming like she got shot to get out of the cart at Wal-Mart. Or the minute when Aiden dropped the container of raspberries and it exploded all of the floor of Sunflower Market with a great crash and burst.) But, hey, you win some you lose some. My point is that today was my life, the good, bad, and ugly. But mostly the good. And I am so thankful that I am able to sit back and take it in that this is my beautiful life, and I am so lucky.

Alrighty then... out with the sappy, in with the excitement! Attempt numero uno of mastering the art of "Betty Crockering" is complete. I went all out on my Father-in-law's birthday cake- homemade fondant, and pig topper and all. I am pretty happy with it. Although next time I will try to not knead the fondant dough so long that it cracks. (What? The stuff is totally play-doh for grown ups. Just sayin'.) 

In other news--We returned home yesterday from a family trip to see Chase's brother in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Surprisingly the 7.5 hour car ride with three little ones went smoothly, (not counting the three or so times Aila threw up.) I brought all my books, notecards, and notes and was ready for battle--trying to win the war against the Great-and-Mighty-Monday-Night-Anatomy-and-Physiology-Class. So, in between trying to memorize what cells make up elastic cartilage, and studying diagrams of the the layers of the epidermis, I enjoyed the ride, (and whipped out my camera at a second's notice of some Colorado cows and horses, or a rustic old tractor), and t'was mind-bogglingly beautiful. Me likey Colorado.

Unfortunately, most of the weekend it rained. Which was really trippy considering it's been 100 degrees in Albuquerque, and it was 55 in Ft. Collins. None-the-less, we put on our imaginary rain boots, drank a couple extra beers for warmth, and toughed it out like the bad mamma-jammas that we, the Cheshires, are. And we. had. fun. HEAPS.

(If you know Aiden, then you get the porta-potty picture. I'm not a freak-promise.)

Other than that, t-ball has ended and therefore we have been making up for it with lots of backyard games and Isotopes games. And we are enjoying days of nothingness, and days of fun. Like swimming, getting ready for vacation to San Diego, and slowly preparing for the girls' birthday party.

Until we speak again...Have a great week!!! 
What's your grand scheme?

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  1. Elena!!! This is sooo beautiful!!! You are truly talented in so many ways! =)