Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Summer.

We took Aiden's pet turtle (who is a stuffed dog toy from Petsmart), to the Duck Pond today. He (the turtle-not Aiden), was so happy to see his family and get some fresh air. The girls climbed trees, Aiden practiced his photog skills (see photo of Chase and I above), and Chase and I took a trip down memory lane as we watched all the freshman meekly wandering around campus for their orientation. Seven years ago, that was us.

It's getting close to being move time, and on top of that I am getting my Nursing School schedule together and coming to the realization that I will actually be "busy" for the first time in three years.
So much going on. Enjoying it all. Excited for the future and gripping on tightly to the right now.

In other news--
I found this pillow today at Pier One, and I totally love it. Like whoa. It makes me so happy. I think I will be doing the girls' room around this soon. It's so Eric Carle on fairy dust.

We're going for a walk...until next time. :)

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