Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathroom renovation! (Part one.)

Hey hey hey! I have been working my toosh off on the vanity the past couple of days. I wish I would have taken a "before" photo, but I was too excited when I got the spark to start. Some background. All the stuff in the bathroom was WHITE. GAG ME NOW. I hated it. Soooo, first of all- out with the shiny silver light fixture and in with the new! WOOT!

Next, I got this crazy idea to do something I have never done before- stain. I got out my little can of minwas dark walnut stain, the sander, and went. to. town. I sanded down all the edges of the mirror cabinet and doors for a bit of a rustic look. Then I stained my little heart out! (Keep in mind this was after some trial-and-error painting jobs:/) I also bought some lovely metallic spray paint and prayed the handles & knobs that were the same LOVELY shiny silver- swoon. Alas, I ended up loving the look and everyone that sees it says, "Is that new?!" Which is totally what I was going for, YEEPEE! I heart my bathroom renovations:)


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