Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Easteriest Easter ever...and stuff.

I think my eyes are bleeding. For real. And if it weren't for the fact that I can see my fingers in front of me, I would say they're bleeding too. I have been working on this board blinkie for, uh, 3 hours now...and yay! I'm halfway done. (kill me? please?) I decided that blogging is just the break I am in need of:).

Easter was, in the words of Aiden, "The Easteriest Easter ever." Too bad that doesn't nearly describe its true Eastery-ness awesomeness. I awoke to Aiden's face about 2.5 inches away from mine, morning breathy and all. "He came! The Easter bunny came! Come look!"  Kind of whisper-yelling, trying to mask the unruly excitement.

Snacks, crap, lots of junk , toys, and eastery goodness-y stuff was everywhere. And didn't get cleaned. That's right. I was hoping for an Easter miracle to come my house. It didn't happen. But, it was Easter so it was ok. Come easter egg hunt time, my troops kids went a-runnin' in three directions with huge smiles on their faces, flailing baskets-in-hand, and it was priceless. Even the girls got the hunting thing down. Little predators. It's so funny how after every egg is found they have to stop, bust it open, and inspect the treasure. And then eat it. nom nom nom.

 I made sure Aiden didn't forget the real reason that we celebrate Easter- Jesus's resurrection! AMEN sista'! Although to a 5-year-old, treats take the cake on "reasons for the seasons".

Other good things from this week: Planting flowers...

Building forts...

...learning how to ride a bike...
and then giving up...

...and Aiden's first T-Ball game! Go Pythons!:)

Well, I'd better get back to my blinkie. Typing this post was a really good way to rest my tired eyes/fingers...yeah.

Hope you have the Friday-iest Friday ever! SMILE!:D

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