Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opening Day...and some sigs.

Can I just say that it's a good thing Aiden and I went on a "romantic" date to Baskin Robbins last night to get scoops of Strawberry Cheesecake and Watermelon ice cream cones because today was opening day for my mom's new grooming salon. After dropping the kids off at Chase's parents' early this morning, we headed straight over to the shop for a full day of being totally bossed around and slave-driven gratuitous and helpful. I realized today that my mom is that kind of boss that no one likes. Barking orders while standing in the center of the room hands-on-hips, judging all of our work with that crazzzzy look in her eyes. I know I will be spending time there helping out although I won't technically be an employee. Just a disposable laborer I suppose. Let me just tell you three things I don't want to do again. EVER.
1. Scrape 16-year-old 90's aqua and pink stiped wallpaper off walls.
2. Uhhh, paint? (Ok, I will prob be ready to paint again in T minus 24 hrs.)But, let's just say I am still finding paint in very strange places on my body.
3. Replace ceiling tiles. No explanation needed.

The girls and Aiden showed up about half-way through the work day and happily crawled around in dog kennels making yapping noises and laughing like crazy. They were awesome.

On another note: here's some of my work as of the past few days! Until next time, BE HAPPY! xoxoxox