Sunday, March 28, 2010

I just feel like it.

There's something so spiritual in kids. They are so free, innocent, inquisitive...refreshing. My kids make me who I want to be. I wanna be the cool kinda mom- the fun kinda mom- the "best mom in the world" kinda mom. I just wanna write. I wanna take pictures. Really good pictures. I want people to think that I'm awesome because yeah, I'm a young mom and I am rocking it out, but I am good at other stuff, too. Here's my list of things that I want to do better.
1. Play more. Just sit on the floor with my kids- no computer, no T.V, and let them crawl all over, maul, drool, drive trucks over me. That sounds heavenly.
2. Love more. I need to make more time for a good chat to my girlfriends, or going out for coffee.
3. Get good- I mean, good, at photography. Taking a perfectly timeless photo of a little moment is the biggest treasure and greatest gift in life. I want to know how to capture those moments and give them all the credit they deserve. The tiny toes, the ratty hairs-- I want it all.
4. Be a better wife. Ok, I am like a pretty darn awesome wife (no, really), but there's always so much more you can do to make things better. They can always get better. This may or may not include starting to cook dinner more.
5. Tell people how special they are. I think know there's good in everyone, and I could be the one to bring the good out in people- hello, awesome!?
6. Spend more time with God. That includes raising my kids in a way that they know how important it is to love God and know how much he loves them.

Well, two blogs in one night hour is a little overkill, so I'd better get to bed. Maybe I will have something really awesome to tell you tomorrow.

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