Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summertime joys.

Well, summer has been so very summerish here the past few weeks. Our days have been filled with so much fun and goodness...and crazyness.
For example...we have been enjoying some good ole fashion dancin' in the rain time in the afternoons...

... dress-up time...(errrr... making giant disasters)...

 ...and, oh, did I mention that all of a sudden the girls are...girls? I think it's about time to do another test run on the b-day cake and get those invitations made. Oh, the party planning bliss. Anyway, the girls got up in the chairs at the table and sat there patiently waiting and expecting me to let them eat their breakfast the other morning. And so...I did. I let them sit there and eat like big girls. I swear, I can't believe it. That they're so big, not that I let them sit at the table. Actually, maybe both.


Aiden finished up soccer camp last week ...and just happened to take home the "Camper of the Week" award for being the "best at every game". Especially "Buffalo Hunters", and "Sharks and Minnows". Suckas.
Oh yeah, and last-but-not-least, I can't forget our and late night card-game nights. Where my dad and Chase send chants of "boombalakayyyjoker" and "boombalakayyywild" prayers to the 40-cent-gods in hopes of getting good hands. It doesn't help. Poor guys.
I love summer. 
I love my family.

Things are starting to happen that are reminding me that summer is almost coming to a close. My dad is heading back home next week. Aiden is starting kindergarten in about 3 weeks. And its time to study for finals. Sigh. 
And if that weren't enough, We're moving. We decided to rent our house out. So, right now we have been filling all of our "free time" searching like crazy stalkers for that perfect dream home. It's much more stressful than one might think.
In other news...

 I got this in the mail today:

And if that weren't enough happiness for one day...I got my hur did...
Stay cool peeps. xoxoxo

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  1. I love your new necklace, Elena. Its so precious!
    Also, there's one picture here where it is the first time I've seen the girls NOT wearing the same outfit! LOL
    Stacy & SG Eleanore