Thursday, September 2, 2010

twenty-five & two.

August engulfed me. I almost didn't make it out alive. But...guess what? I did! Here's the down and dirty run-down of our month:

1. I ACED my A&P classes. That's right...that's a big fat A and a bigger fatter A. 4.0, baby.
2.We moved.
3.Aiden started Kindergarten... & I didn't even cry. Well, the tear didn't actually make it out of my eyeball...that counts as "not-crying", right?

So far September has brought lots of party-planning, the excitement that fall is around the corner, (I LIVE for Fall), football, and enjoying the fact that I can breathe now that that evil, evil class is done. (Although, now, I am in A&PII...ack...why am I celebrating?!) I even finally have some time to work in Photoshop! YES! Oh yeah, and my birthday is Tuesday...but who remembers that when there's a two-year-party happening?! Not I!

I got the invites done! And the final product?!...

Birthday outfits are ready...

Two more days and my bundle of two who once weighed a grand total of 11.5 lbs, will be TWO years old. Dang, that goes fast. Combined weight two years later? 50 lbs, baby. And right now I should totally be wrapping presents, and filling goodie bags, blogger fingers got all antsy. It happens when I look at my blog. If I even open the thing up for one second, I get all twitchy-writery.

Anywho, I suppose that is all I need to get off my chest at this moment. Nothing deep, nothing inspiring. Just happiness and excitement. Tomorrow's mission: the CAKE! Wish me luck.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful princesses, Addison Marie and Aila Elizabeth...I am so thankful to God that he has blessed me with you for two lovely years.

Our last of summer days...


  1. Awesome for acing it!!

    Amy from iVillage :)

  2. Good job on the A and for picking the nursing path!! You will make an amazing 'what ever you choose'! :)