Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll take "Flying Placentas" for $200, Alex...

Excerpt from a letter written by me to some dear friends of mine who know all my personal biznass inside and out:

 "So, as I was reading up on hospital life in one of the books I have, I came across the chapter, "Nurses." It took me about 2.5 seconds of reading to realize that THAT is exactly what I had in mind. I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. DUH! HELLO?! I totally knew that! Along with always wishing I would have become a doctor, I also always wished I would have become a midwife--actually even more so.

So, at this point I am going to take the nursing path. I may end up a doctor by the end of my 30's (lol), but, I feel like this is really it. The nurses are the ones who really get that patient-connection, and really spend the whole labor and delivery process with the patient--not the doctor who is popping in and out of everyone on the floor's room.

Some exciting news: I can enter UNM's nursing program as a "2nd-degree entry option" student, which means that since I have my degree, I can omit all prereq's with the exception of 3 classes. This means I am 3 classes away from applying to Nursing School!!!

Some news that has me very disheartened: :( They only accept about 12 applicants a year, out of 60-180 applications. Talk about slim-pickins. I talked to an advisor today, begging and pleading for a secret to make my application awesomely more awesome than everyone else's, just to be told that the "weightiest" information on the application is GPA. That's it. No volunteer experience, no work experience, no letters of recommendation, no bribes. Well, maybe a teeny bit of those things--bribes especially, but not much.
That being said, I feel...uhmm...screwed. My GPA when I graduated UNM was a 3.1...not too good. All of the med classes I have been taking (and acing, mind you) are at a different college, where the credits will transfer, but the grades won't. >:( I know 12 applicants will definitely have better than a 3.1.

Hmm...I feel so helpless. I don't like it. I am the kind of person who needs to DO things to reach my goals, and in this situation, there's nothing I can really do."

I have been asked to keep a blogger journey of the process one embarks on when becoming a nurse, and I plan on doing just that, so stay tuned, folks. (That is, if I ever find a way to get in.)

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