Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, it feels like I'm falling for Fall...

Fall is here and I am happy. I swear something happens to me when it's fall. Like worlds align and I am truly content. No hustle bustle, no dying of the New-Mexico-desert scorching heat. Just to step outside and smell the smell of cool, crisp leaves with that hint of crisp smell--ahhh, nirvana. The cinnamon and cranberry candles have been burning their hearts out, and cookies have been a-bakin'. I'm not sure why, but it's another weird thing that just happens to me in fall--I bake. And my favorite part of my favorite season? Halloween! The costumes are gonna be schweet. Our paper towels have jack-o-lantern faces on them and even our paper plates are pumpkin-shaped. And, an unlimited supply of candy corn has been in the house, baby. Oh, be still my heart.

In news other than my love affair with fall, Aiden's soccer season is coming to a close. Today and next Saturday are the last games. The Blue Dragons are some serious butt-whoopers, let me tell you. They are not only a little good, but so good that the District Commissioner sent out an email that we need to be a little "nicer" to the other teams so to avoid their players getting hurt feelings. And we said...BAHAHAHA...suckas! We are really not like crazy parents who yell at the other kids and fight the refs. We are always cheering on the other teams, even more so than their own parents...(in our minds we're saying, Good job, you little losers, learn how to kick a ball!)Jk, a disclaimer, we were so god-awful last year that we never won a single game all year and made mmmm, maybe 5 goals total all year. So, we feel we have the right to be royal butt-whoopers this year. But we have spirit, and good sportsman-like conduct. Its not our fault that we have some mini David Beckhams on our team.
"Go Blue Dragons!!!" As the girls would say.:)

Other than that, we had Aiden's first ever parent-teacher conference last week, and Mr. Ian had so many good things to say about him that I swear I was tearing up and played it off like I was fighting off a sneeze or something. Do you know how happy a momma's heart can get when they hear the words, "you guys are doing such a great job." He has perfect classroom behavior, is freakin' freakishly smart (ok, he didn't say that exactly, but he meant it), is respectful of everyone, and is the student he wishes all the other students would be like. Ahhhh, I am the proudest momma. EVER. Even more than the last time I said I was the proudest momma in the world probably because one of the girls pooped in the potty.

Well, Christmas is quickly approaching and I think after Halloween I may just have to bring out my Christmas count-downer thingy out from hiding. It's gotta be only like...what, 60 days away or something? Woop!

In the meantime, enjoy your falling leaves and the stillness, contentment, and beauty of it all around you and your families. xoxo

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