Monday, October 4, 2010

I sing. Really, I do.

My creative outlets consist of a few things. Music, taking pictures, and designing things (cakes, get the idea.) I used to actually have time to sing...and play the geeetar. Now I just occasionally pull up old videos of me doing it and get all re-inspired to warm up the ol' vocal chords and dust off the guitar.

(Don't judge--this is one of the first times I ever picked the thing up, ok.)

Enjoy :)xoxo


  1. I gotta admit I decided to look at your blog because I was bored. Then I watched the video and wow, you are so blessed to be so talented. I can’t believe you’re not singing and teaching your kids music every day. Pretty awesome stuff!

  2. Absolutely amazing! You should start singing again! And please share when you do! :)