Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee High.

*Disclaimer: I apologize for the amount of run-on sentences in this post; I tend to get excited.

Thankfully, this coffee has got all my pistons all a-firin'. Well, I don't have pistons, (I am not a race-car, you see); but, if I did, they'd be a-firin'. Not only am I on a coffee high in a embarrassing sad attempt to focus on my Micro hw, but nothing puts the cherry on top of enzymes and amino acids like a little Adele. She has half my soul, I think--maybe 5/8th's on a good day. Sometimes, I just can't study. I do whatever I can to distract myself from it--like now. And Adele is belting out "Of my world, yea-aahhh, of my world", so loud that I'm pretty sure all the kids have probably woken up wondering how and when they time-traveled into an old-time  English karaoke bar.

Catabolism, Anabolism, Adele, Cup ' o Joe... all in attempt to focus. This has obviously lead me to this place. My little place where blabbering rants and streams of unorganized thoughts can be spilled out for all to see. Aren't I a disaster of an excuse for a mentally-stable and hard-working student? (Remind me to add that to my resume qualifications. That is, if I ever apply for a job...meaning I wouldn't be in school anymore. Shudder.)

"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere..."

And all of this coffee, and studying, and coffee and studying so that I can land my silly little self right where I belong--in the hospital; pouring out my passions and love and gosh-darn skills that I learned on late coffee-induced nights taking care of God's teeniest most precious and fragile little gifts. How could I be so lucky?
Nights much like this one right now, I sit and struggle to memorize the difference between Hexokinase, Urease, and Reductase, and all I end up doing all night is watching recorded episodes of "Baby Day", "One Born Every Minute" and "Untold Stories of the ER" until I realize that, "whoops, it's 1:00 am, so I guess I'll study those -ase's tomorrow night." Oh, let's not forget the nursing forums with page after page of real-life NICU stories for some late night entertainment.

There's no central thesis to my post tonight. Just some main points to take with you on this fine evening/err morning:
1. I am pretty "interesting" sometimes when it gets to be late and I am very behind on homework and have ingested copious amounts of caffiene.
2. If all the not-so-fun stuff in life leads up to where you know you're meant to be, then it ain't no big thing.
3. Ummm, let's see, I need a #3, because only having two bullet points kind of triggers my OCD, so how about this: I love babies. (Especially my little time-travelers upstairs in their beds right now.)

  My favorite latest quote:

"The center of power is not to be found in summit meetings or in peace conferences. It is not in Peking or Washington or the UN, but rather where a child of God prays in the power of the Spirit for God's will to be done in her life, in her home, and in the world around her."
~Ruth Bell Graham-1920

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