Monday, February 21, 2011

A feminist post coming from a non-feminist.

You're not gonna hear me put women on a pedestal. Men are great, women are great. We are all made in God's image--perfectly designed, (with flaws). Men more-so than women. Just kidding, geez!

That being said, my passion is mothers and babies. (Have I mentioned that before?) It is so heart-breaking to see how American hospitals portray the birthing process. We are the ONLY country in the world that utilizes OB/GYN doctors over Midwives for healthy births. Guess what else that means? One of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Birth is a natural process, and should not be treated as a medical emergency or illness. WAKE UP, AMERICA. Women, educate yourselves, it's all I ask. If you want an epidural--GREAT! If you want a doctor delivering your baby--GREAT! ( Although most doctors don't really know what they're doing if you want a natural birth.) I just wish women knew their options.


  1. I agree, we should all be as informed as we possible can. Pregnancy and child rearing should not be blindly leapt into as it so often is

  2. I would have loved a natural birth but both baby and I would have died if we weren't in a hospital setting when his heartrate dropped. I'm thankful for doctors who have the skill and knowledge to perform emergency C-Sections. Otherwise, I wouldn't be commenting today. But I think it's fabulous for all the women who have had their babies naturally like God intended!