Saturday, March 27, 2010

a slightly incoherant post and the inspiration to make tomorrow better.

Today was a beautiful spring day- a little windy, but, hey...what do you expect. It was a mommy and girls day today as Aiden stayed with his dad last night and Chase was at work. The girls and I held hands as we walked through the park to watch Aiden play his soccer game. Man, he did so good today. I accidentally called out to Chase over the phone that Aiden was quote "dominating the team" unquote, just as it got quiet and all the other parents heard. whoops? My precious kids. I love them so much. I feel like everyday I am just soaking up their littleness, every little drop. He's only 5, I know- they're 18 months. But if 5 years slips out of your fingers so so fast then how fast will 10?

This morning I was playing with Aila on the floor in their bedroom and Addison was trying so hard to get out of her crib that she had her leg up over the top of her crib, toes dangling. Another piece of the baby puzzle that will soon be gone- cribs. You know what the hardest thing about having twins is? Not being able to rock them to sleep at night. I have never been able to just hold one of my babies and rock her to sleep, because then the other is left cuddle-less and alone. That, my friend is the hardest part of having twins. Finding those precious moments to have alone time. Real, quality alone time. Today has made me think of things that I want to do better tomorrow. Tomorrow will be awesome. I can't wait. Smile.

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